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Welcome to Williamsms.com


We have upgraded our website to give you a better service. You can now enjoy lots of upgraded premium functions that include the following.


  The fastest SMS delivery ever. Test it and see for yourself!

 The cheapest bulk SMS price list ever in Nigeria. You will be amazed, sending message at N1.4k

 Online payment with ATM card and automatic account crediting. Life has become easier than queuing in the bank.

 Have you been having troubles scheduling SMS for future delivery? Now, your time has come! Schedule as many SMS as you want, sit back and relax and they will be delivered.

 We now have perfect inte
ational SMS delivery. Send message to over 210 countries in the world! Extend your marketing reach to UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, India, Ghana, etc.

 Our customer support staff are now more than ready to serve. Be free to contact us at any time!

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 And many many more. Discover them yourself!

                               KEY FEATURES 

             Dedicated SMS bandwidth 

Highest level of security and confidentiality of client database 

One time  delivery of messages within seconds 

View history of messages sent  

Schedule messages to be sent at a letter dates 

Multiple connectivity from various Telephone operators 

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